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Our artisan coffee beans are expertly roasted

All of our freshly roasted coffee beans have been through a rigorous roasting, tasting and testing process. This ensures that our customers receive a quality fresh product each and every time.

At 47 Degrees Coffee, the roasting process doesn’t just start with our coffee roaster. Way before our speciality coffee beans are roasted, the source of the beans is thoroughly researched. We carry out extensive testing! Not just on beans from different regions, but from different farms within the regions themselves.

The Roasting Process

Each origin of bean we roast has it’s own unique roasting profile. Some beans may need roasting for longer than others in order to perfect the flavour notes of the coffee produced. We do this by making sure our roasting process is meticulous. The temperature of the drum, the ambient conditions the green beans are kept in and the timing of the roast, are all extremely important!

We roast each batch of bean a number of times. This ensures we find the perfect roasting profile for that specific bean origin.

Technology is key

Every time we roast our beans, data from the roast is gathered by profiling software. That way, once we find the perfect roasting profile we can repeat it time and time again. This (along with the regular sampling of beans during roasting) ensures the consistent quality of 47 Degrees speciality coffee beans every time.

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