Introducing our new subscription service.

Great for gifts or just saving time ordering coffee.

We are pleased to offer you a subscription option to help you save the time and hassle of ordering coffee.

Simply select the coffee and your preferred grind, then pick how often you would like us to send you. Its that easy!

We Know that nobody wants to have loads of coffee building up in cupboards and we want certainly want you to enjoy our coffee at its peak of freshness. (other wise you may as well just buy coffee from the supermarket, and know body needs that!!)

That's why we've created a handy guide below to help you select the correct amount of you will need to order. You can also pause or change your coffee subscription at any time to suit your needs.

How often should you order.

250g will give you around = 15 x 16g double shots or 13 x 18g cups of filter coffee

1kg will give you around = 62 x 16g double shots or 55 x 18g cups of filter coffee

Espresso drinkers - A 250g bag will give you around 15 x 16g double shots of coffee.

If you have a fancy espresso machine, I would buy it in 1kg bags then you can dial it in and enjoy the subtle changes in taste over the life of the beans.

Filter coffee drinkers - You will get around 13 cups of coffee from a 250g bag, if you dose at 18g.

Our coffee is always roasted in small batches weekly and we think it will still taste great for up to 3 months after its roast date. 

So depending on how much coffee you drink and how much you like to share your coffee, we would recommend the following - 

  • 1 coffee a day to get you going - Select 250g every two weeks.
  • Two of us and we both drink a cup every day - Select 250g weekly or 1kg every month.
  • Mad for coffee and like to mix things up - Select our best selling twin pack every 2 weeks or select the a frequency to suit your addiction needs.
  • We drink more coffee than we would ever admit and we know what we like - Opt for our great value 1kg bags then select your frequency of order. (Don't worry we'll not judge you, we drink loads of the stuff too!) 

Hope this help, but if you have any more questions, feel free to get in touch. 

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Subscribe and get 10% off your first coffee order and when we work out how to do it correctly, we will send you some great offers too!

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