Cup Characteristics

Clean, earthy, pipe tobacco, pine flavours, bell pepper, with a winey lingering acidity, full and well balanced body.

Region: Lake Toba region of Sumatra

Altitude: 1,300 – 1,700 m.a.s.l

Variety: Arabica

Harvest Period: September – May

Process: Semi-Washed

Flavour: Clean, earthy, bell pepper, pipe tobacco, pine

Body: Well balance, full body

Acidity: Winey, lingering acidity

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Indonesian sumatra coffee selection of imagesIndonesian Sumatra Coffee (Lintong Bagak Tabo)

Known locally as Beautiful Toba, Lintong “Bagak Tabo”. Indonesian Sumatra Coffee is produced close to the famous Lake Toba by 621 farmers in the highlands of Sumatra. The preparation work is carried out very selectively from harvesting and pulping the wet parchment in Lintong. Further quality processing and Green House drying is then carried out at PT Menacom, NKG (exporter of the coffee).

The red cherries are handpicked by the farmers which are then soaked in water before being sent through a hand pulper. The parchment, post pulping, is immediately washed to get rid of the mucilage. It is then kept in plastic bags for the night. The following day, the wet parchment is sun-dried inside a greenhouse (or glasshouse patio) which reduces the moisture down to 30%. The green beans, after hulling, are then sun dried up to 16% moisture content. They are subsequently sent through the gravity table sieves.

The coffee is then further processed into an export quality Grade 1 TP, once it arrives in Medan. Menacom has an impressive team that run through each lot, sorting by hand (assisted by Electronic Color Sorters!). PT Menacom has been an exclusive buying partner of this farmer group since 1988 and The company, PT Menacom, offers support through teaching techniques to obtain better quality beans and to also help them increase their production quantity. They have been a buying partner of this farmer group since 1988.

PT Menacom also provides shade tree programs in addition to the use of Green Houses, as well as sanitary and water pump projects in their community.

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