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Geographic characteristics

Location: Chimaltenango, Acatenango

Area: 200 ha

Altitude: 4900 – 6100 feet

Type of soil and predominant element: Loamy, sandy

Shade trees: Gravilea

Climatic characteristics

Average temperature: 21°C

Annual rainfall: 1200mm

Relative humidity: 65%

Coffee production characteristics

Harvest season: November to March

Drying process: Sun and Mechanical

Mill: Wet

Annual production: 640 (69-Kg bags)

Previous Awards

Cup of Excellence®2008, Cup of Excellence®2010, Cup of Excellence®2011



chalabal estrella coffee selection of imagesGuatemalan Chalabal Estrella Green Coffee Beans

Guatemalan Chalabal Estrella Coffee – Chalabal means in Mayan language “Cave of the tiger”. We like to call it “our Coffee Cave” since it has been the main product of the farm.

The story of Chalabal Estrella Coffee dates from 1880, when the farm (located in Acatenango, Chimaltenango) belonged to its first owner Jorge Bulnes. In the Mayan language Chalabal translates as “Cave of the tiger”. On the farm, as it’s the main product, it’s known as “Our coffee cave”.

Miguel Soto, a well known coffee grower bought the farm in 1930. Miguel improved the plantation and modernized the beneficio. In 1976, there was a the huge  earthquake which resulted in the wholescale damage of the central region of Guatemala. Unfortunately all the construction and facilities of the farm were totally destroyed. The beneficio lay just 50km from the epicenter.

Under these circumstances, a wholly brave woman called Nydia Soto de Amenábar managed to rebuild the farm and within two years the beneficio was again working.

The farm was split in two during 1980 as was the plantation: the upper part is today called Chalabal Estrella, “the cave of coffee in Guatemala”.

The farm is located in Acatenango, Chimaltenango and produces SHB high quality coffee at 4900-6100 feet above sea level.

Quality control

As for quality control, managing Chalabal means modern administrative and technical tools are required. Chalabal Estrella Coffee seeds are selected first of all then carefully and planted as almacigos. The coffee beans are selected during the harvest season from each coffee tree (carefully!). They are then processed on dry and wet mills and care is taken so that post wet mill process, the coffee only has a 12% humidity. To complete, the coffee is then sun dried.

Chalabal Estrella Coffee is produced with good agricultural practices.

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