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GUATEMALAN – Chalabal Estrella

The look of disappointment we get from customers, when they rock up to the roastery to buy the “GTM” and we tell them its out of stock brings a tear to the eye!

If we had to pick a favourite, this would be high on the list.

Located in Acatenango, Chimaltenango, the farm suffered massive damaged when it was badly hit buy a huge earthquake in 1976 which destroyed the construction and facilities of the farm.

It took two years to get the farm up and running again and thank goodness they did, because the coffee that they produce is exceptional.

Chalabal Estrella Coffee seeds are carefully selected and planted, then harvested and processed on dry and wet mills and then sun dried.

What to expect:

The sweet chocolate notes to hit you straight away, followed subtle hints of citrus.

Our “Guat” is great however you chose to have your coffee. We love it simply passed through the filter.

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1 review for Guatemalan Chalabal Estrella

  1. dave scattergood

    One of my favourite coffees so far and one I’m always returning too. Great depth of flavour and full body. Excellent.

    • Aidy Wragg

      Thanks for the positive review, we appreciate your custom

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