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The washed Yirgacheffe has fine acidity and is one of the best highland-grown coffees. Fantastic body and flavour. The attraction lies in its delicate, floral, and tea-like characteristics.

Cup Characteristics

Tea-like, fruity, citric, floral, lemon, sweet, great body, very complex, clean.

Region: Yirgacheffe

Altitude: 1,700 – 2,200 meters

Variety: Heirloom Varietals

Harvest Period: October – December

Process: Washed, Sun-dried

Aroma: Floral, Sweet

Flavour: Complex, Fruity, Tea, Floral, Lemon

Body: Heavy

Acidity: Soft, Sweet, Citric



ethiopian yirgacheffe coffee selection of imagesEthiopian Yirgacheffe Green Coffee Beans

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Green Coffee Beans – As one of the largest countries in Africa, Ethiopia has an area of over 1.13 million square kilometers. It’s situated in the high plateau region between the Nile plains of Sudan and Eritrea, in the horn of Africa. Bordered by Eritrea to the Northeast, Sudan to the East, Kenya to the South, Somalia to the Southeast and Djibouti to the East.

Ethiopia has a fascinatingly rugged topography. Altitudes range from around 4,600 meters above sea-level in the Semien Mountains down to 100 meters below sea-level in the Danakil depression.

It is essentially the primary center of origin of the Arabica coffee plant. It has been growing wild in the forests of the Southwestern Highlands of Buno and Kaffa districts of Ethiopia over thousands of years.

The coffee legend

According to legend coffee was discovered in Ethiopia in the 9th century by a goat-herder known as Kaldi. Noticing his goats became hyper after consuming the cherries from the coffee tree he tried them himself. Kaldi was approached by a local monk after he ate the cherries and gathered some to take back to his monastery. It is at this stage the monk roasted and brewed the coffee which the then drank with the other monks. Subsequently, the monks were able to stay awake much longer during the nights of prayer. Hence coffee being widely accepted as a drink to stimulate.

There are over 70 ethnic groups that speak approximately 200 languages in Ethiopia. This means that coffee is often referred to as Kawa (Guragigna), Bun (Tigrigna), Bono (Kefficho), Buna (Oromifa), and Bunna (Amharic). Arguably most names for coffee are derived from the names of the districts Kafa and Buno. The Italians call it Caffe. French and Spanish call it Cafe. The Dutch call it Koffie. the Germans call it Kaffee. The Finnish call it Kahvi, The Greek call it Kafes. These are all are phonetic approximations of the original Ethiopian word.

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