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ETHIOPIAN –  Yirgacheffe

Legend has it, coffee was discovered in Ethiopia in the 9th century by a goat-herder named Kaldi.

Noticing that his goats became hyper after eating the cherries from the coffee tree, he decided to give it ago for himself.

Its then said a monk approached Kaldi after he had just consumed copious amounts of the cherries and thought it would be a clever idea to take some back for him and his mates at the monastery, to help them get through the long nights of prayer.

Being the forward-thinking hipster of his day, he decided to take it to the next level and roast the beans up before serving it up to his pals and the rest as they say is history.

What to expect:

Tea-like, fruity, floral, lemon & sweet notes. With a great body that is complex yet clean.

We love this through the filter and we think Kaldi and the hipster monks would too.

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ethiopian yirgacheffe coffee selection of imagesEthiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee

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1 review for Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

  1. Andy Wells

    This makes a really gorgeous filter coffee, it is pleasantly sweet and delicate but with a lovely after taste.
    I don’t like tea so I’m not sure about the ‘tea-like’ flavour but I’ll agree with caramel, buttery and fruity. Very smooth.

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