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Our Brazilian Sul De Minas beans are the first choice for many of our trade customers, mainly because it offers fantastic results, time after time when pulled through the espresso machine.

Giving our customers an extremely smooth well-balanced shot of coffee with an exceptional crema.

While our Brazilian is great through the espresso machine, it also happens to be the mothers-in-laws most requested coffee through the filter, when she comes to stay over.

Some would say, ‘that could be reason enough not to stock it.’

All I say is, ‘it’s a pleasure to make it for her!!’


What to expect:

Here at the roastery we dose this at 18g and look for a 25 second pour to deliver a 60g rich, velvety smooth double shot espresso.

The Chocolate flavours will hit you first, followed by a subtle hint of nuts. Little wonder this fantastically well balance coffee is such a big hit with our espresso drinking friends.

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