Coffee Beans Mocha Porter

Mocha Porter Brew Day!

Well its been a busy few days at the roastery!

Our friends and neighbours at Abstract Jungle Brewery, in collaboration with Castle Rock Brewery and the Cricketers Rest Pub have engaged in the process of brewing a Mocha Porter and kindly invited 47 Degrees along to provide our awesome Guatemalan Chalabal Estrella coffee beans to infuse into the brew. We were all present to watch master brewer Simon King walk us through the intracasies in the finer arts of brewing and secondary fermentation.

Earlier in the day we roasted a 8KG batch of our Guatemalan Chalabal Estrella in the presence of Castle Rock and the Cricketers Rest Pub crew, in preparation for the Mocha Porter brew. Hopefully we didn’t bore the guys too much about the coffee roasting process, which is difficult sometimes when you’re as passionate as we are about coffee.

The brew looks and smells great and were already picking up the subtle aroma of our coffee – happy days!

According to Simon, the brew will be racked out at the end of next week, and hopefully on the bar in the cricketers rest and other selected Castle Rock pubs a week after that – can’t wait to sample a pint!

Watch this space for updates on the brew’s progress, or better still follow us on instagram or twitter for regular updates.


Theatrical slow mo of the Guatemalan Chalabal Estrella Beans going into the Mash


Guatemlan Coffee Roasting by 47 Degrees Coffee

Guatemalan Coffee Roasted with Castle Rock Brewery and the Cricketers Rest Pub


Cricketers Rest Brewing

The boys from Cricketers Rest Pub


Coffee Beans Mocha Porter

Guatemalan coffee added to the brew


Brew Mash coming up to Temperature

Inside Abstract Brewery